What Is the Difference?

Hair Type

Hair type describes the shape of the hair strand, whether it is straight, wavy, curly, ‘coily’, kinky, afro or a combination of all types. There are many hair typing charts out there that show the different hair types and sub categories. Hair typing can help you identify with another person who has the same or a similar curl pattern to you, but many find it limited when determining which hair products or techniques work on your hair.

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Hair Texture

Hair texture describes the way the hair feels and looks and unlike hair typing, there are many dimensions to this concept. There is a lot of information surrounding this on the net but I will discuss the basics. Firstly, one must identify what the porosity of their hair is, the density of their hair, their strand thickness and finally, whether their hair is cottony, wiry, spongy, or ‘thready’ or silky. This is not the ‘end all be all’, in fact, hair texture varies depending on one’s genes so you may have different textures on one head of hair.

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