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My Celebrity Hair Inspirations

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My Hair Length Journey

The Hair Length Chart

Remember: curly hair has shrinkage so when stretched, the actual hair length will be longer than it appears. For example, one’s curly hair could be shoulder length in its curly state, but when stretched, its actual length is bra-strap length. This chart may also be useful to those who are on a hair length journey and want to keep track of how long our hair is.  I simply want healthy hair so my journey is not dedicated to length. However, with healthy comes length retention.

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Very Long

Very long hair is categorised as being anywhere between waist length and classic length. Hair that is longer than classic length will also fall in this category. Below are celebrities with very long hair: 



Long hair falls between bra-strap length and mid-back length. Below are celebrities with this hair length:



Medium hair lengths fall between shoulder length and armpit length. Below are celebrities with this hair length: 



Short hair is hair that falls around the ear and does not quite touch the shoulders yet. Below are pictures of celebrities with this hair length. 


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